VIKRITI brings experienced executives from Fortune 500 companies, leaders of corporate initiatives, and advisors from major consulting firms together to support clients in the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and retail industries.

VIKRITI develops and implements strategic plans, establishes operational rigor, and drives enterprise change by aligning stakeholders with their corporate mission.

Today, we like to believe our employees, team members, and associates are aligned to the corporate strategy. Unfortunately, alignment between an organization and its employees doesn’t come naturally. It takes planning, hard work, and most importantly, communication with people.

Just as a coach pulls everyone together to sketch the big play on his clipboard, businesses also need to shift the momentum of the game.

VIKRITI assesses and documents the dynamics of your business, pulls all the stakeholders together in a series of huddles, and aligns your workforce to shift the momentum.

Change is a constant in every field. VIKRITI harnesses the dynamics of change by aligning your teams to succeed in a competitive, evolving marketplace.

Using the VIKRITI Approach, we facilitate conversations, perform strategic analyses, develop strategic and operational playbooks, streamline your business structures, and implement the game-changing play.

Through ongoing communication, benchmarking, and business support, we harness the forces of change to drive your organization toward optimum performance.

The VIKRITI Approach has delivered proven results for start-up organizations and $80 billion industry leaders alike.

Jolly Nanda of VIKRITI brings a strategic yet pragmatic approach to every engagement; she is smart, forward looking, and has a knack for identifying the critical levers that will drive a project forward. She is also a tireless worker and is able to generate high quality at scale.

My experience involved a wide variety of projects; her approach to the work is always consistent:  understands the objective and it’s measure; aligns the resources to the task; ensures buy-in and alignment; and works smartly toward the objectives. Glenn Davis

Sr. VP, Growth Enablement and Client Engagement , A Fortune 10 Healthcare client

VIKRITI helps organizations apply the most challenging project management concepts.

They are committed to customer service and to delivering high quality work. I turn to Jolly for best practices, for her deep knowledge, and for real-world solutions. Jay Garodia

COO and SVP Growth Enablement, Optum Growth Office

Strategic Partners

VIKRITI along with its strategic partners TVS NEXT offers a wide breadth of Technology Services. 

VIKRITI and TVS Next has partnered to enable digital enterprises build next-generation solutions. We bring together  elegant experiences, robust engineering and insightful data strategy combined with our  “commonsensical” approach to help our clients re-imagine and thrive digitally.

Services Offered includes Product Engineering, Assurance, Data and Insight services. Onsite, Offshore and blended models supported,  with multiple locations in the US and India.




VIKRITI along with its strategic partner Well Solution Group offers a wide breadth of Healthcare services. 

VIKlRITI and Well Solution Group has partnered to offer a broad range of Health Cost Management, Quality and Healthcare Analytics services which include Fraud Waste and Abuse/ Payment Integrity, Claim Accuracy, Quality & Affordability Programs, Claim Process and Scalability, Clinical Programs Risk Arrangements Care Bundles, ACO, Capitation, and Network Agreements, Clinical Quality Utilization Management, HEDIS, Stars, Episode Grouping, Post Acute Care, Healthcare Analytics & Metrics, Value & Savings Model, Trends & Forecast